About Brinkley Warren

Serial Entrepreneur

Artist & Serial Entrepreneur


Daring mighty things, Brinkley is known for activating bodacious ideas. He is an artist, author, and serial-entrepreneur with over 20 years of C-level experience in high-tech, art, and global impact.

Brinkley has founded or co-founded 15+ ventures during the last 2 decades on 5 continents. He has raised over $25M in venture capital with multiple successful exits. 

Brinkley’s entrepreneurial career has been industry-agnostic, having launched ventures focused on artificial intelligence, genetics, personalized health, robotics, music, SaaS, social media, sports entertainment, corporate innovation, and the arts among others. 

Brinkley is an inspiring public speaker and advisor to global change-makers. He has served as an entrepreneurial delegate for the US Department of State and Fulbright program and has served as a faculty member and startup advisor for Singularity University in Silicon Valley. 

Brinkley has been featured by CNN, CNBC, Forbes, Newsweek, Fast Company, NBC, Popular Science, Playboy, The Guardian, Top Gear, Discovery News, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal among others. 

Brinkley is also an artist and musician. Brinkley’s trans-disciplinary conceptual art practice has been recognized internationally, including with a Fulbright Fellowship. He has produced art in a wide range of categories, including installation art, sound art, performance art, blockchain art, participatory art, public intervention art, appropriation art, space art, and book art among others. As a musician Brinkley is a singer-songwriter and plays the guitar and drums. 

Brinkley began his early career as a digital media producer and documentary filmmaker. By the time he was 25 Brinkley had been employed by the world’s leading news network, the world’s largest cable company, the world’s largest radio company and a 2-time Academy Award-winning filmmaker.

Brinkley’s first business was a music recording business that he launched while in college where he had the opportunity to record and produce music for over 300 bands, including 5 Grammy award-winners. He also began the World’s first rockumentary podcasting series in 2005 which attracted an audience of over 100,000 people from 27 countries and was featured as the best music podcast by Apple in 2006.

He is author of the groundbreaking art book, “Outer Space Inside” where he details his 10-year journey legally claiming all outer space property and mineral rights in the universe with the explicit right to sub-divide and sell it to the global public via blockchain technologies. The project constitutes the most valuable artwork in human history and is based on authentic legal documents featuring the ink signatures of the US Secretary of State and the US Attorney General. Outer Space Inside was one of the world’s first examples of blockchain art and also the largest work of appropriation art ever. 


Brinkley standing in front of the MegaBot “Iron Glory” at Maker Faire in 2015, America’s first ever giant human-piloted robot. As a co-founder of MegaBots, Brinkley helped to conceptualize and launch the company — including a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 ($550k) and a successful Seed round in 2016 led by prominent investors including Howard Schultz (Starbucks founder) and Jerry Yang (Yahoo founder) among others. MegaBots was awarded a Guinness World Record in the category of “Largest Robots to Fight.”

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