About Brinkley Warren

Serial Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneur


Daring mighty things, Brinkley Warren is known for activating bodacious ideas. He is an artist, an author, a serial-entrepreneur, an executive producer of impactful innovation and is the owner of $600 Quadrillion worth of asteroid mining claims, making him by far the #1 galactic real-estate tycoon in the Universe. 

Brinkley has founded or co-founded 10+ ventures during the last decade on 5 continents, including RallyHealth.com, LeanMonitor.com, and MegaBots.com among others, and with multiple exits.  Brinkley’s work is industry-agnostic but united by a theme of disruptive democratization, and he has launched and operated ventures in genetics, adtech, artificial intelligence, robotics, innovation management, music, SaaS,  mobile gaming, web design, sports entertainment, outer space real estate, and a 501(c)3 arts non-profit. 

Brinkley is an executive advisor and frequent keynote speaker and his work has been featured by CNN, CNBC, Fast Company, NBC, Popular Science, Playboy, The Guardian, Top Gear, Discovery News, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal among others.

Brinkley’s transdisciplinary art practice has been recognized internationally, including a Fulbright Fellowship. Brinkley made history in late 2015 by becoming the legal proprietor of all outer space property and mineral rights in the Universe under supervision of the US Government in accord with Article 6 of the Space Treaty and in accordance with all international and domestic laws — making Brinkley the #1 real-estate tycoon in human history.

Now, Brinkley is democratizing outer space ownership by giving away space claims and selling them on the blockchain as art as part of the most valuable art exhibition in history designed to promote peace, planet, and prosperity for all through the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

His free book OUTER SPACE INSIDE debuted as the #1 book in its Art category on Amazon in late 2016, and it tells the story about how Brinkley pulled off the most epic art and real-estate coup in the history of humanity over the last ten years, and shares how YOU and everyone on the planet can now legally purchase and invest in star and asteroid claims (including mineral rights) for the first time in history by visiting https://www.SpaceClaims.org.

In his own words Brinkley says, “My purpose is to create a brighter future, through intention and creative collaboration. I believe in an abundant and sustainable future, and I’m committed to working hard for the good cause. My hope is to be a conscientious participator, through strategic vision, tactical know-how, and creative acumen, I am seeking to shepherd current and future generations towards greener pastures. My joy is building and working with transformative teams to produce transformative experiences through the application of exponentially advancing technologies. My purpose is to make big ideas come to life that bring us together and make us better in the service of humanity. In terms of my entrepreneurial thesis —  I think all of my work and career has been guided by mindful inquiry into the great mysteries of the cosmos with a penchant for hacking global culture. I am addicted to learning and personal growth through empathetic and transpersonal approaches.” 


America's first giant robot, MegaBots at Maker Faire.

America’s first giant robot — the 1st MegaBot — premiered at Maker Faire in Summer 2015

As one of three co-founders at MegaBots Inc., Brinkley helped to conceptualize and launch the company — including a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 ($550k) and raising $4M in venture capital in 2016. His main areas of contribution have included:  Marketing, Transmedia Design, Media Development, Business Strategy, Business Development, Sponsorship Sales, Fundraising, Media Licensing, Content Licensing, Strategic Partnerships, and serving as Brand Evangelist.

In 2017  MegaBots will be on television and distributing a “MegaBot” kit that enables artists, fabricators, and fans from around the world to build their own MegaBot without needing to know about robotics. These “crowd created” MegaBots will compete for glory in the most epic fantasy sports league ever created. MegaBots is positioned to become a leading multi-platform transmedia franchise that features business centers in many verticals such as retail, toys, film, television, video games, live events, and advertising sponsorships among others.

MegaBots and the MegaBots League will lead to many advances in robotics technology, and Brinkley intends to apply these technologies towards commercial space development and asteroid mining.

(L-R) Autodesk CEO Carl Bass with MegaBots Co-Founders -- Gui Cavalcanti, Matt Oehrlein, and Brinkley Warren

(L-R) Autodesk CEO Carl Bass with MegaBots Co-Founders — Gui Cavalcanti, Matt Oehrlein, and Brinkley Warren


Prior to MegaBots Brinkley co-founded LeanMonitor.com and successfully exited the company (2012-2015). LeanMonitor provides the World’s most comprehensive suite of Lean Startup tools to assist entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers to successfully guide and grow their projects by aligning customer demand with the innovator’s vision. He also serves as a Lean Startup advisor at Singularity University at NASA Ames as well as serving as advising numerous startups globally.

Brinkley served as the co-founding VP of Strategy and Innovation at IActive, an award-winning artificial intelligence firm specializing in automated planning and scheduling systems using hierarchical task networking.  At IActive Brinkley helped to commercialize and bring to market technology that was based on 20 years of advanced AI research and was a spin-out of the University of Grenada AI Lab. Prior to being acquired, the company was recognized with multiple industry awards for a clinical decision-support system for oncology treatments that reduced medical-errors by 7%, and was also recognized as a Cool Vendor Award by Gartner.

Brinkley is a dedicated practitioner of mindfulness, life-long learning and self-transformation and is an active songwriter and musician (lyracist, guitar and drums).

Brinkley’s first business was a music recording business that he launched while at the University of Georgia, where he had the opportunity to record for over 300 bands, including Bonnie Raitt, My Morning Jacket, Drive By Truckers, and Bob Weir. He also began the World’s first rockumentary podcasting series in 2005 which attracted an audience of over 100,000 people from 27 countries.

Brinkley began his career as the youngest person ever to produce broadcast news at CNN in Atlanta beginning at age 16, and his early career included stints with the Discovery Channel, Clear Channel Communications, and Cabin Creek Films. By the time he was 25 he had worked with the world’s leading news network, the world’s largest cable company, the world’s largest radio company and a 2-time Academy Award winning filmmaker.

Brinkley describes blurring the line between artist, social activist and entrepreneur as follows:

“Creative actions aligned with compassion and scaled through strategic will and tactical ingenuity is what creates our collective future. Know thyself, and give thyself. As an artist and creative researcher, I started exploring transpersonal psychology, ancient philosophy, theology, comparative mythology, storytelling, and the role of historical art movements throughout human history. As a social-scientist I explored empowered agencies, the technologies of self-transformation, entrepreneurial anthropology, game design, action-oriented-education, journalism, and the role of the entrepreneur as artist, and the artist as entrepreneur. I would say that all of these inputs have strengthened my abilities as a memetic-engineer and meta-conceptualist.  My artist practice is centered on transpersonal experience design and the art of entrepreneurship. I was awarded a Fulbright for my creative work and was honored to serve as a creative diplomat to New Zealand and Mexico. If you’re purely in the art world, it’s Actionaut you seek. I believe that entrepreneurship is the highest art form of our age, and that the only real art is a demonstration of entrepreneurial agency. I believe that all entrepreneurship is about positive social impact, and I agree with the Ashoka creed that all of us are changemakers. I am proud to work with and support the Fulbright Institute of International Education to promote a global movement towards social entrepreneurship.


Welcome to Brinkley’s personal blog.  Broadly speaking, if you’re interested in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship and/or building future realities – welcome! Please connect! Please connect on Twitter and Linkedin.

“Bright stars ahead. Onwards!” ~Brinkley