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The Secrets of Singularity University’s Hottest New Start-Ups — Introducing the #GSP14 Batch

What the GSP14 startup teams have accomplished in only 3 weeks time is truly amazing. Carbon nano-tube tricoder medical device anyone? Howabout an intelligent maxi-pad that syncs to your iPhone? How about re-imagining hearing aid devices to bring life-saving augmented-reality to the growing elderly population?

WE ARE WATER: Reinventing Water Sustainability with Exponential Innovation and Why We Must Hack the Drought

Imagine a future where droughts have been hacked, where drought — as a concept — is a non-issue. The entire concept of a drought, has been hacked. It doesn’t even exist in our language in the future; it will be a forgotten word. This is what I want and its what we all want. Water is life, it’s flow is our main lifesource.

Innovate or Die: Lessons Learned from Silicon Valley’s Global Innovation Summit

We are living in the age of creative destruction, and it makes sense that everyone is looking to INNOVATION as the savior of economic growth. Why? It’s simple. These are transformative times in our global economy and our global culture, and with the rise of digitization and the democratization of the means of production and consumption — the choice is to Innovate and Thrive, or Not to Innovate; and Die. Therefore I say, “INNOVATE, or DIE!”

Product Market Fit Canvas 1.0 — Become a Co-Creator Now!

The more great people we have collaborating on this, the more beneficial, practical, and valuable the Product-Market-Fit Canvas will be.