5 Zenful Leadership Skills that Will Help You Create Disruptive Innovation in 2014


By Brinkley Warren

The role of the startup leader is to absorb uncertainty in an environment of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

These are 5 Zenful Leadership traits that will help you to harness infinite innovation and Co-Create the future.

  1. Storytelling. Produces meaning and helps people imagine a future and what role they can play in it. Creates collaboration.
  2. Readiness Discipline. Being Prepared. Be a Boyscout. Practice Makes Perfect. Self-discipline. Self-reliance.
  3. Urgent Patience. When things get too tense, pull back to help relieve the pressure. When things get too relaxed, up the urgency.
  4. Humble Strength. The ability to act with courage and clear intent in an authentic, engaging, and self-effacing way. 
  5. Humility. Quiet Transparency. Understated yet powerful.
  6. **BONUS** Syncronicity. This is actually the 6th sense of Zenful Leadership. It is the ability to engage with spooky action at a distance, to lead the jazz band; sail the quarrelsome seas.  The ability to harness meaning out of coincidence. Discover patterns and connections before others see them.


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