Crowdsourcing an Open-Source Lean Startup tool: Introducing the Product Market Fit Canvas


“The essence of strategy is to find a different [but profitable] value proposition”
~Michael Porter, ‘Porter’s 5 Forces’

“To have the best outcomes when the stakes are high, it’s all about the collective unit coming together.”~Peyton Manning

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If the lean startup movement has any major message, it’s about the importance of business models for any big idea to thrive. And the soul of a business model is the Value Proposition. Everything that a startup IS and does depends on its Value Proposition. Designing and developing the Value Proposition  is incredibly important if you have not yet found Product-Market fit — which most startups have not.

And yet, rich and scalable tools do not exist for rapidly designing, analyzing, improving, and managing Value Propositions….until now. Behold the power of co-creation and collective action…

A little over a month ago, we launched an open-innovation initiative which has attracted a community of over 100 Lean Startup experts from around the world which are contributing to create a new, open-source tool that will benefit any startup entrepreneur working on an innovative idea.

The Product-Market-Fit Canvas extends from the Business Model Canvas, and is the result of the Lean Startup movement collaborating on a crowdsourced open-innovation initiative that invites input — a hive-mind of global startup experts paying it forward by collaborating on a tool that can help other startup leaders into the future. 

We want more startup experts like YOU to join us and have the opportunity to help us co-create the Product Market Fit Canvas and become part of history. We believe that an open innovation process will produce a solid tool and allow it to grow and evolve to better fit the needs of the community.

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We have much to be thankful for because of tools such as the Business Model Canvas from practitioners like Alexander Osterwalder, which are offered to the global lean startup community as an open-source tool through creative commons licensing. Yet no tool like this currently exists to address the most important milestone in a Startup’s life:  Product-Market-Fit!

In short, we need a canvas that helps entrepreneurs to validate and evolve their idea by quickly discovering, “Which Customers Hire what Products or Services to Get what Jobs Done How and Why.”

Please visit PRODUCTMARKETFITCANVAS.COM and join us as a collaborator today!

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