Draft Picks and Genius and Meat – Oh my

0109-Syntheticmeat_1985023cWhat can I say. Today I spent time helping 18 startup teams take advanced technologies one step closer to the marketplace, where we can create real positive impact for the future of spaceship Earth and our humble species.

I spent about 2 hours around Ray Kurzweil and had a fun conversation over dinner; not unusual for the Thomas Edison of our modern INformation Age — the Director of Engineering at Google, and the World’s most respected Futurist — the more I am around Ray the more he just strikes me as a good guy with an interesting wit about him.  I asked him if he had heard back anything from the signal that he had sent into space last month in search of extra-terrestrial intelligences (ETIs) — he said not yet, but that’s not unusual he says, maybe they just let the answering machine pick it up.

We talked about synthetic meat — in fact many funny times were had around this idea, ranging from Panda Burgers suggested by Mike with Yimea doubling-down by suggesting pairing the marketing strat. with Panda Express’s diversification. Seriously — it’s highly likely that our kids are going to be eating synthetic meat that doesn’t require animal slaughter, and that’s actually healthier for our nutrition, all while tasting exactly like any ol’ meat. The marketing of synthetic meat is a fascinating vortex of possibilities, let me assure you.

We talked about producing more efficient silicon, we talked about Nikola Tesla.

I spent time with Victor Olidabo, the 2nd overall pick of the 2013 NBA Draft — we played a VR space game, flew a drown around the parking lot of NASA, and I talked a good while with his agent about transmedia and the future of media. All good people.

My conversations and brainstorms and casual banter drifted easily from DNA synthesis, to optical-genetics, to synthetic biology, to the democratization of drone tech and, of course the possibilities of teleportation, general artificial intelligence, and….and….and.

Early morning, gonna get up and do it again and begin the begin here at Singularity U.