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Firms of Tomorrowland Race to Reinvent Themselves by Manufacturing Disruptive Innovation

The most competitive firms of tomorrowland should already be manufacturing disruptive innovation in a race to reinvent themselves. Boards and CEOs are realizing, some faster than others, that the Millennial Kids Growing Up now will completely transform how the World operates, including how we live and work within it.

Innovation Systems Design & the Lean Startup Movement: An Ecological Approach to Innovation

By Brinkley Warren The greatness of what Eric Reis and Steve Blank began with the Lean Startup Movement has been carried further by people like Tristan Kromer who helps to lead Lean Startup Circle, a global collective of lean startup practitioners that is now 80,000 strong. Tristan’s October article about lean startup innovation applied successfully within […]

Hermeneutic Circles, Sandcastles & the Future of the Design of Things to Come

The Hermeneutic Circle is an ancient and fundamental meta-physical concept addressed by Hermes, Spinoza, and other great philosophers, and the Hermeneutic Circle is harnessed by many modern-day methodologies including Lean Startup, Agile Software, Customer Development, and Human Centered Design.

What Lean Startups can Learn from the US Army: Lessons Learned from “Lessons Learned” Meetings to Maximize Organizational Learning

There is one interesting tool for rapid experiential learning that we should consider whenever the stakes are high. It’s used in many public service agencies of the US government now, and it’s a formal method called “After Action Reviews” (AARs). This is where the idea of the “lessons learned” meetings actually came from — the US Army in the 1970s.

Crowdsourcing an Open-Source Lean Startup tool: Introducing the Product Market Fit Canvas

In the last month, we have grown to a community of over 100 Lean Startup experts and practitioners around the World. Together we are producing a tool that will serve startup leaders and innovation practitioners into the future, so please join us — we want your input!