Zen & the Lean Startup: The New Ontology of Evidenced-Based Entrepreneurship

Our main goal is to show how entrepreneurial practices, the practices of virtuous citizens, and the practices of solidarity cultivation are ultimately ground in and integrated by a crucial skill that human being in the West have had for at least 2500 years. We call the special skill that underlies entrepreneurship, citizen action, and solidarity cultivation history […]

Lean Startup? Try Punk Rock Entrepreneurship

The esteemed venture capitalist Tim Draper spoke to a group of college students a few weeks ago at the Thunderbird School of Managment and he said that if you can motivate crowds then you’ve got the foundation to a successful business. Period. He referenced Kickstarter and the new US jobs bill which allows people to […]

Strawberry Pizza is Key to Economic Growth

 Strawberry Pizza is the key to a more prosperous economic future. I’ve been on a vegetarian kick lately and I’ve found that by limiting myself a bit — no meat Brink! — I’m forced to get creative about my dinner, and this creative cooking mentality leads to new discoveries which I never could have imagined […]

Actionaut's 5 Keys to Meditation

During the last year I’ve put a strong emphasis on upping my game in terms of my meditation practice, and I must say that anybody who thinks that they can use an app or a software program to meditate is deluding themselves, BUT certainly some kind of meditation is better than none. The whole point […]

Why I started this blog

I’ve blogged before and like a lot of people it’s always been one of those things that I have found a hard time keeping up with. For instance I blogged at singularchange.com when I was in residence at Singularity  University in 2011, and I used to keep a creative writing blog at brinkwar.com I want […]